The Streak sidebar makes it easy to organize your emails with one click.

Create a new box from an email thread

To create a new box, simply click on a pipeline displayed under the "Create new" section. A box will be created, and you'll be able to immediately edit the Box name there.

Adding emails to existing boxes

Streak also suggests boxes you're looking for so you can easily add emails to your pipeline. Simply choose an option under the "Select existing" section. 

If the box you're looking for is not suggested, begin typing in the search field at the top of the sidebar to find an existing box. Suggested items will update based on your input - simply click on the existing item to add the thread. If the box doesn't exist, you can still create a completely new item by selecting a pipeline tile.

Removing an email from a box

Click the "x" on the pipeline name beneath the email subject to remove a thread from a box.


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