Adding emails to your pipeline lets you easily organize them according to your workflow. For any email thread, you can either:

  1. Add it to an existing Box in your pipeline, or 
  2. Add it to a new Box in your pipeline 


#1 Existing Box

If you have existing boxes in your pipeline, we provide a list of suggested boxes to add the email to. If the desired box is not listed, use the search bar to look for it. Simply start typing the name of the Box and a list of suggestions will show up.  

#2 (Creating a) New Box

If you do not have relevant existing Boxes, click on the desired pipeline to create a new Box in that pipeline. Be sure to name the Box according to what you want to track in the Pipeline. (You can add as many emails as you wish to a Box)

Once added, you can add as much rich detail and notes as you like, and view all the associated Box data.

For more instructions on adding emails to existing boxes, creating a new box from an email thread, or adding emails to multiple boxes, visit our full article on Adding emails to boxes.

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