If someone on your team leaves the company (or no longer needs access to Streak), you can remove them via the Teams dashboard.

The removed user's boxes, pipelines, notes, activity, and emails (that were added to boxes) will still be accessible by all users that already had access. These will remain accessible for as long as their account still exists in G Suite or Gmail and has Streak authorized.

Any boxes that were assigned to this user, will be unassigned when they are removed from your team.

Next steps

We do not recommend deleting or migrating & forwarding the user's Google account data.

As an alternative, we recommend renaming the account in G Suite – just let us know if the account has been renamed and we'll take it from there!

Circumstances that affect data

If a user's account is deleted or migrated, there is a risk for potential data loss. We've outlined the most common scenarios below:

The user has revoked permissions for Streak

If the user revokes Streak's access to their account (managed via Google Apps Permissions), you will no longer be able to access their shared emails. This can be reverted if that user logs back into Streak and re-authenticates their account.

Their account no longer exists in G Suite/Gmail

Streak does not store the contents of your emails on our servers. Deleting an account will delete all emails associated with it. We will be unable to display the shared threads if the account has been deleted.

This cannot be reverted. We strongly advise keeping the email address active in G Suite if possible.

Data that will be affected 

  • Shared emails will become inaccessible in Streak
  • Attachments (from shared emails) will be removed from boxes within Streak
  • File uploads will be inaccessible and removed.
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