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Using AdBlock, Ghostery, or other privacy software alongside Streak?

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If you'd like to keep third-party cookies off in your browser or if you've implemented more intense security measures, you can still use Streak.

While we recommend keeping things simple, all or most of our functionality can still be utilized alongside products like Adblock, Ghostery, uBlock, or a VPN. 

You'll need to create an exception in these products to do so, though. We will keep this article up-to-date in case anything changes, but please keep in mind that maintenance will also have to occur in your settings to insure everything continues working as intended.

Using Streak with third-party cookies disabled in Chrome?

  1. Navigate to your settings (chrome://settings) from the top-right three dot menu. 

  2. Scroll down until you reach "Privacy Settings" and select "Content settings" from the list.

  3. Click into Cookies and tap the Add button to the right of Allow.

  4. In the new window, enter,, , and  individually.

Using AdBlock with Streak?

  1. Navigate to AdBlock's Options page (chrome-extension://gighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom/options.html) and select Customize from the navigation options.

  2. Scroll down to "Manually edit your filters:" and select Edit.

  3. Copy and paste the following lines into the box:

  4. Click Save and reload Gmail.

Using Ghostery with Streak?

  1. Navigate to Gmail.

  2. Click the Ghostery button in the top-right corner of Chrome (or under the three-dot menu if you've hidden it).

  3. Select "Trust Site" and reload the page.

  4. Dismiss the Streak Extension Conflict by selecting either Done (recommended) or "Don't show me this again."

Using a VPN or something with more advanced settings?

Without knowing the specific piece of software we're working with, we might not be able to provide a solution. Adding exceptions for the four domains Streak uses is often the best course of action, though. They are:

  • ( 

  • (

  • (

  • ( 

If you're still encountering trouble after adding these as exceptions, please let us know! We're unable to provide a deep level of support for other software, but we're happy to help advise where we can.

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