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Unsure if your messages are being tracked?

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We recommend working through the following steps before we troubleshoot any issues you might be experiencing with email tracking:

  1. In a new compose window, highlight the eye icon in the toolbar. If gray or grayed out, click it. This will turn tracking on for your message.

  2. Click into the three-dot menu on the far right of the toolbar. If "Plain text mode" has a checkmark to its left, select it and disable.

  3. For the test's recipient, choose either your email address or one you have access to.

  4. In an Incognito or Private Window (Command + Shift + N on Mac and Control + Shift + N on Windows), log-in to this account. 

  5. Ensure you have not blocked images in this account.

  6. Open the email in the Incognito or Private Window. If prompted, select the "Display images below" option.

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