How do I uninstall Streak?

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Uninstalling the extension will not cancel any subscriptions you have. It's our suggestion to cancel your subscription before uninstalling to prevent any unintended charges from recurring.

There are two different ways you may have installed Streak. Each installation needs to be removed separately:

  1. Browser extension: installed only on your local desktop computer

  2. Gmail add on: installed directly on your Gmail account, available everywhere (including mobile) you use Gmail

1. Removing Browser Extensions


  1. Navigate to your Extensions (chrome://extensions) from the top-right puzzle icon

  2. Scroll to find Streak in your list of extensions

  3. Select the Remove option from the extensions page or click on the 3-dot icon and select Remove from Chome directly from the puzzle icon

  4. Confirm by clicking Remove in the new alert window Chrome has opened.

  5. After removal, you may need to refresh Gmail (hint: while viewing Gmail, press 'F5' on Windows or 'Command+R' on a Mac).


  1. Click Safari in the upper left-hand side of your screen and select Preferences from the dropdown menu

  2. In the new window, open the Extensions tab

  3. Go to your Applications folder and uninstall the Streak application (you can do this by dragging the Streak application icon to the trash bin).

  4. Go back to the Extensions tab under Preferences and click on Streak and select "Uninstall". Do the same for "Streak Helper". You may need to restart Safari for the changes to take place.

Google Apps (all browsers managed by your G Suite account)

If you have a Streak for Google Apps account, you will also need to remove Streak from within your Google Apps administration panel.

  1. Access your Google Apps admin console by clicking the Google Apps settings gear icon and selecting Manage This Domain

  2. Select Marketplace Apps

  3. Click the Streak link

  4. Click the "Remove App" icon.

2. Removing the Gmail Add-on

Streak's add-on for Gmail can be managed from your Gmail Settings, under the Add-ons tab.


If you're a G Suite user, you may need your team admin to remove the add-on for you. 

  1. Open your Gmail Settings and select the Add-ons tab

  2. In the left column, click the Manage link under Installed add-ons

  3. Click the three-dot More menu and select Remove from the two options.

3. Deauthorize Streak from your Google Account

  1. Log into the Gmail you'd like to remove Streak from

  2. Navigate to the Permissions page of that account

  3. Find Streak in the list of Third-party apps with account access and click the entry

  4. Select Remove Access

  5. Refresh your Gmail

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