We're always interested in knowing when the product doesn't operate as expected, so please reach out.

There are two ways to do that:

  • The chat button to the bottom-right of this page will connect you with our support team
  • Directly from Gmail. After clicking the Streak button in the top-right corner of Gmail, click on Get Help and you'll be connected to our support team.

Before reporting a bug, we recommend clearing your browser's cache as a first step. If your trouble persists, please reach out with the following information alongside a description of the bug. 

If possible or preferred, include screenshots or a screencast (we love Loom if you need a tool for screencast) so that we can address the bug as quickly as possible.

Is Streak not loading?

If you see Streak's icon and name to the left of your profile picture in Gmail, skip this section and head to the next.

  • What browser you're using to access Streak
  • If you're using a VPN, any security/privacy extensions (Privacy Badger, AdBlock), or anything else that modify your experience in Gmail

Is Streak loading?

If you are seeing Streak's icon and name to the left of your profile picture in Gmail:

  1. Click the icon/text
  2. Beneath Integrations, click the version number (i.e. v6.###)
  3. In the Debug panel, click Copy all. Paste and include that information in your bug report.
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