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Filter, sort, and group boxes using saved views
Filter, sort, and group boxes using saved views

Create pipeline filters and segments with saved views

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Saved views allow you to create custom filters and segments of your pipeline. Once you set up your filters, your saved view updates in real time to show you any boxes that match your criteria.

Do you want to view only the boxes assigned to you? How about all boxes that haven't had any interaction within the past week? Saved views put this information at your fingertips!

How to create a new Saved view

Start by opening saved view editor at the top right hand side of your pipeline.

Filtering your Pipeline

The first section allows you to filter boxes that match a specific criteria. To add a new filter:

  1. Choose a column to filter on in the first drop-down option. For example, the date that the box was created or the input in a "location" column.

  2. Choose a comparison operation in the second drop-down option. These options will vary depending on the type of data you're filtering. 

  3. Choose a criteria value in the third drop-down option. Any boxes that meet this criteria will be included in your saved view. 

In the example above, filtering all boxes that were created in the last 3 months would look like: 

Date Created > After > 90 Days ago

You can add multiple filters to get more specific results. For example, you can create a filter to only show boxes that have been created in the last 90 days AND are assigned to me :

To add additional filters, click the + button and choose whether your results must satisfy both criteria, one of the criteria, or none.

Sorting and Grouping

In the second section, choose how you would like your boxes to be sorted and grouped within your saved view.

Sorting allows you to define the order in which your boxes are displayed in your saved view. For example, you can sort all boxes alphabetically A-Z according to the Name column. You can also sort by multiple columns simultaneously. 

By default, the pipeline is grouped according to the Stage column, with each bar of color representing the boxes in a certain stage. In a saved view, you can group the boxes by any column. For example, if you grouped all boxes based on the "Location" column, then each grouping would represent the locations of boxes that meet your criteria.

Completing your Saved View

Once you have your filtering, grouping, and sorting rules setup, click Apply to view the results. 

At the top of your results, you can save your criteria and results as a new saved view, or choose to edit or clear the criteria. 

In your new saved view, you can also freeze, hide, reorder, and re-size columns in your pipeline. Adding a column and deleting a column from your saved view will also add or delete the column from your main pipeline view.

How to access and manage existing saved views

You can find existing saved views each pipeline in the left navigation bar. Anyone else with access to the pipeline will be able to see the views as well.

To access additional setting options, click the arrow next to an individual saved view for the menu to:

If you have more than 6 saved views, click See All to see a full list of your saved views.  

Saved views are shared with everyone shared on a pipeline. However, starred views and the order of the views are specific to each user.


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