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Recommended Gmail settings
Recommended Gmail settings

Looking for the optimal experience or having trouble with Gmail? Check here to make sure your settings align with what Streak expects.

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Streak was built into and for Gmail, but  there are a few Gmail settings that are incompatible with aspects of Streak. 

After installing the Streak extension, you will want cross reference the below Gmail settings in your account to set yourself up for success.

Conversation View needs to be on

Conversation View is a feature in Gmail that allows you to choose whether replies to emails are grouped in conversations, or if each email shows up in your inbox separately. Streak requires this setting to be enabled (turned on) for: viewing emails in Boxes, adding email to Boxes, email filtering, magic columns, and email tracking.

Disable plain-text mode

Gmail allows you the ability to select whether you would like to send individual messages in plain-text mode or as rich text. Plain-text mode will clear the email of all formatting, where rich text will support different text size, fonts, colors, etc. 

You will want to send your emails as rich text with plain-text mode disabled when using Streak for the best use of Email Tracking and Mail Merge. You can find this information in your compose window next to the trash can icon.

Turn preview mode off

Using the Preview Pane with Streak can affect the ability to add your emails to Streak Boxes, utilize Streak’s Email Thread Splitter, and view boxes from a saved view in your inbox. We advise disabling the use of Preview Pane when using Streak. To disable the Preview Pane, follow the steps below:

  1. At the top right of your Gmail, click Settings -> See all settings.

  2. On the top, select the Inbox tab -> scroll to Reading pane.

  3. Uncheck the "Enable reading pane" box.

  4. At the bottom, click Save changes.

Sharing email accounts

The below email sharing configurations are not supported:

  • Delegated inbox – allowing others to view and send email on your behalf.

  • Send As – sending email on behalf of another email account (not applicable to email aliases)

  • POP3 – viewing mail from another email account in your inbox

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