Formula columns are a vital type of Custom Column. They let you define a formula that gets evaluated and returns a value. Formulas work similarly to how they work in other spreadsheet applications, but with a few differences:

  • You can only refer to other cells in the same row

  • Formulas are written in either Spreadsheet or JavaScript notation

You can add a formula column from the pipeline view. Clicking into the cell will open a larger textbox for you to write in.

When finished, use ⌘/Ctrl + Enter to save the formula.

Formula scoping

By default, the formulas in a column are the same for every Box in your Pipeline. You can customize formulas for each stage of the Pipeline, or even have a formula specific to one Box, too.

  • Entire Column (Default) – the formula will execute for every Box in the Pipeline

  • Just this stage – overrides a formula that is defined on the entire column. The formula will only execute for the Boxes that are in the particular stage.

  • Just this Box – overrides stage scoped formulas and column scoped formulas. The formula will only execute for this particular Box.

Referencing a column

To reference a column in a formula, the syntax is:

$'Column Name'

For example, a "Deal Size" formula column can be a product of two freeform columns:

= $'Number of Units' * $'Price per Unit'
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