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Measuring Team Performance With Streak Reports
Measuring Team Performance With Streak Reports
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With so many calls, emails, and meetings, keeping track of your Team’s activities can seem like an overwhelming task. Luckily, Streak can help calculate a number of performance metrics for you.

Turning Saved Views Into Reports

After you've set up your favorite Saved Views, turn them into charts to graph your progress! Pipeline Visualizations allow you to customize how you graph your Pipeline data for deeper insights into your Boxes at a glance. Click the Pipeline Visualization button within the More menu at the top of the Pipeline to add a chart to the top of the Saved View. Select from Pie Chart, Line Chart, Column Chart, Bar Chart, or Combo Chart to change the Visualization for your whole Team. Customize the Visualization further with the custom options at the bottom of the charts.  

Pipeline Reports Dashboard

Using your Pipeline data, Streak generates a number of helpful reports to help assess your sales process. Clicking on the Reports button within the More menu at the top of the Pipeline you will find a some default reports available. Explore more reports by clicking the +Add Report button at the top of the dashboard, to find insights on your Team such as:  

  • the number of deals each user closes/loses in a week (Close Rate)

  • the number of interactions (emails, calls, meetings) each user is having with customers (Interactions Summary)

  • the total sales value for each user over a period of time (Value Won by Person)

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