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Visually represent your pipeline data with charts and graphs

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Pipeline Visualizations allow you to customize how you graph your Pipeline data for deeper insights into your Boxes at a glance. Find aggregate values of your Boxes across your stages and columns using one of six visualization options.

The default visualization, Groupings, shows your Pipeline groups and the number of Boxes in each group. Click the Visualization button in the More menu at the top of the Pipeline to adjust this display and select from: Pie Chart, Line Chart, Column Chart, Bar Chart, and Combo Chart.

Each Pipeline can have its own visualization to display that Pipeline's statistics. If a Pipeline is shared with a team, the Pipeline Visualization will display the same for all members shared on the Pipeline. 

Want to hide your Pipeline Visualization from the top of your Pipeline for more room to display your Boxes in the spreadsheet view? Simply select the No Visualization option from the Visualization button at the top of the Pipeline. 

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