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Using Google Sheets Tips & Tricks
Using Google Sheets Tips & Tricks

Tips and tricks for working with your data in Google Sheets

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Where can I find Google Sheets?

Google Sheets can be found in your list of Google Applications directly from your Gmail inbox or by navigating to  

How do I upload a file into Google Sheets?

  1. Launch Google Sheets

  2. Select to Start a new Spreadsheet

  3. In your sheet, select File > Import  

  4. Click Select a file from your computer and upload your spreadsheet

  5. A window will open with some options for your Import Action, you will want to select the Separator Character as a Comma.

Where can I install Streak's Google Sheets Add-on?

Streak's importer add-on can be installed for free from the Chrome Web Store. Simply click the Install button and confirm Streak's authorization to access your Google Sheets. You only need to install the Add-on once and you're ready to begin importing your data into Streak!

Attempted to import, but can't find my Pipelines?

So you've just added the Google Sheets Add-on from the Chrome Web Store and you're ready to import! You've selected Next from Step #1 and now you're ready to select your Pipeline you want to import to... but there's no Pipeline to select.

Here are the top 3 reasons you may be missing your Pipelines:

  1. Your Pipeline doesn't belong to a team. You'll need the Pipeline Admin to share with the selected team. Now refresh your browser and try it again. 

  2. You're logged into Google with a different email. It's possible that you use Streak with your business account and not your personal account. Or perhaps you use if for both; however, whichever Gmail account you're currently logged into Google Drive with, only pipelines associated to that account will be shown. Be sure you're logged into the correct account before initiating your import!

  3. You haven't created any pipelines in Streak yet. Before importing your Google Sheet into Streak, be sure you've added the new Pipeline and the appropriate Columns. Once you've added the Pipeline, it will be in the options to select from. You have to set this up before using the Sheets Add-on.

If you're still having trouble locating your Pipelines in the Importer Add-On after reading this guide, send us a message at 

Extract names from a cell in Google Sheets

Formulae in Google Sheets are powerful and easy to configure. Below, we take the leftmost characters of whatever is in B2  and stop at the first space character for column C:

=LEFT(B2,FIND(" ",B2)) 

Using similar logic, you can also take the rightmost characters to get the last name for column D

=RIGHT(B2,LEN(B2) - FIND(" ",B2))
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