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What are pipelines, stages, and boxes?

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We've tried to keep things simple with Streak, but if there are any names or word that don't make sense, take a look at the glossary below!

The CRM basics

  • Pipelines – Where work is defined in Streak. Similar to a worksheet in a larger spreadsheet file: any workflow or process that has multiple steps can live in one.

  • Stages – A milestone or step in a Pipeline's workflow. Stages give clarity to your work and help track where any item is in your workflow. 

  • Boxes – An item that you're tracking in a pipeline. Boxes move through stages until a workflow is complete.

  • Contacts – An individual related to a Box. Streak Contacts are auto enriched with data from a third party integration to help you better understand who you're working with.

As an example: Streak uses pipelines to manage every aspect of our business. The Sales team has a pipeline with stages that track an opportunity from Lead to Closed Won. 

Advanced features

  • Magic columns – Automated columns in your pipeline. These columns save you time by extracting valuable information from data that already exists within a box.

  • Formula columns – Columns that reach values based on formulae written in JavaScript.

  • Saved Views – A toolset that allows you to filter, group, and sort your boxes into specific views. Saved Views let you utilize box data to gain insight into your pipeline. 

  • Zapier – A service that can be used to connect and automate even more parts of Streak to other services.

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