Mail merge sending limits

Our mail merge feature caps the number of emails you can send via mail merge over a rolling 24-hour period. Limits vary based on your Streak plan level:

  • Free plan: 50 emails per day

  • Solo plan: 800 emails per day*

  • Pro plan: 1,500 emails per day*

  • Enterprise plan: 1,500 emails per day*

*This limit applies to G Suite accounts. If you're using a account (i.e., you'll be limited to 400 sent emails per day due to a lower limit imposed by Google on these types of accounts.

What counts towards the 24-hour limit?

The following will count towards your daily mail merge limit:

  • Emails sent as part of a mail merge

  • Emails scheduled to be sent later (including non-mail merge emails)

G Suite sending limit

Google limits the number of emails sent from G Suite accounts to 2,000 emails per day – including mail merge emails. If you send a large number of individual emails in 24 hours, this may impact your mail merge limit.

For example, if you are on the Pro plan and send 600 individual emails in 24 hours, you’ll only be able to send 1,400 emails via mail merge within that 24-hour period.

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