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Daily mail merge sending limits
Daily mail merge sending limits

Mail Merge daily sending limits for each Streak and Google plan type

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You have a quota for the amount of emails you can send using mail merge during a rolling 24-hour period. Your quota is based off of your plan type in Streak and Google’s daily sending limits in Gmail.

Mail merge sending limits

  • Pro plan: 1,500 emails per day*

  • Pro+ plan: 1,500 emails per day*

  • Enterprise plan: 1,500 emails per day*

*This limit applies to Google Workspace accounts. If you're using a account (i.e., you'll be limited to 400 sent emails per day due to a lower limit imposed by Google on these types of accounts.

Checking your quota

Check your real-time quota availability and see how your mail merges have affected your quota in Streak.

To find your currently available quota:

  1. Open any of the mail merge pages in the left-hand Gmail menu

  2. Click the graph icon at the top right of the page

Understanding the quota chart

  1. Your currently available quota is stated at the top of the chart in green. This is how many emails you can still send within this rolling 24-hour period

  2. The yellow dotted line at the top of the chart shows your quota limit.

  3. The y axis shows your available quota by number of emails you have available to send.

  4. The x axis shows you the past 24 and next 24 hours. The current time (rounded to the nearest hour) will always be at the middle of the x axis.

  5. The mail merge icon shows you when mail merges were sent, which corresponds with a decrease in your available quota over the 24-hour period. You’ll also see how many messages you have scheduled to send over the next 24 hours so you can plan accordingly.

What counts towards the 24-hour limit?

You can view everything affecting your 24-hour quota below the quota graph. This includes messages that were sent with mail merge in the last 24 hours.

Streak also takes into account any mail merges you have sent in the next 24 hours so you can plan accordingly. You’ll see these noted on the quote graph and will get a notification if you’re scheduling a mail merge or follow-up that will exceed your quota.

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