Streak's mail merge tool can send a maximum of 800 emails per 24-hour period. This is hardcoded into Streak and aligned with Gmail's own limitations for personal email. It cannot be adjusted for any account at this time.

Please note that any pending drafts will count toward the 800 email per-day limit. Emails scheduled to send later will also count against the limit, even if the draft has been deleted.

If you have reached the 800 email limit in a day, your limit will be recycled at midnight UTC time.

Haven't sent 800 emails in the day and receiving a quota warning or bounce back?

If you're certain you've deleted any drafts that might count toward the 800 email limit, please reach out! 

Important Note: In an effort to fight spam, prevent abuse and unusual activity, Google will temporarily disable your account if you send a large number of undeliverable messages, especially if your Gmail account was recently created.  

You can click here to read more about Gmail's best practices

If Gmail is giving you a bounce back message and won't deliver your email we, unfortunately, cannot fix this and you'll need to contact Google Support. It may be helpful to do a Google search of the specific error message in the bounce back email to see more info on why your message wasn't delivered. Common reasons include the email address is invalid, the recipient's email client is full, etc.

Here's more info on avoiding being marked as spam when sending a mail merge.

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