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Snippets are a great way to avoid writing repetitive emails by-hand and will help keep your messaging consistent. 

Streak allows you to create templates and shortcuts for messages you send regularly – saving you time and effort in the future. Watch the video lesson to learn how to create snippets, or read below for instructions.

Create a new snippet

Snippets can be created from the Compose window in Gmail.

  1. Open a new Compose window.

  2. Click the Snippets icon on the toolbar and select the Make This Draft a Snippet option from the bottom of the menu.

This converts your compose window into a new snippet window and gives you the option:

  • Name your snippet

  • Give your snippet a Shortcut Code (e.g. ^thanks )

  • Share the snippet to a Pipeline

Once you're finished filling in the details, click Create to save your snippet to Streak.

Using a snippet

There are two entry points for any snippet you've already created:

  • Typing the snippet's Shortcut Code in a compose window

  • The toolbar dropdown for snippets

If you can't remember the name or shortcut code of your snippet, you can search your snippets from the dropdown:

After selecting the snippet you've created, the contents of the snippet (including Subject) will be inserted into your message.

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