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User roles and permissions

Understand different roles on a Streak team

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Teams are made up of any number of users in Streak that are working together. User roles are established immediately upon creation and can be assigned by the Owner of a team.

  • Owners can add and remove users from the team. Only one owner can be responsible for the billing of a team, but any additional owners can take that responsibility over.

  • Members have access to the team's shared pipelines and contacts. 

  • Payer Only is a role that has no access to the team's pipelines or contacts and does not count toward your team's total number of users. They are only responsible for the team's billing information.

The first user to start a new trial or paid subscription is automatically given Owner rights. Subsequent users can be made Team Owners if need be.

Specifics of each role

Owners have access to:

  • Managing team member and user roles

  • Plan information and management

  • Team-wide pipelines 

The Payer role (either a Payer Only or an Owner that is responsible for billing) will have access to:

  • Payment details and management

  • Invoice details

  • Billing history

Members have visibility into:

  • Team member and user roles (cannot add or remove)

  • Plan information (cannot change plan level)

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