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Why does Streak need permission to my Google accounts?
Why does Streak need permission to my Google accounts?

Streak needs access to your Google accounts for our various features and integration to work.

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  • View and manage your mail – Streak allows you to add your emails to opportunities and leads (Boxes). We need access to email thread IDs and other metadata to share those emails with your teammates.

  • View your basic profile info – Streak allows users to be assigned particular duties. When a user is assigned to a box or a task in Streak, we pull and display that user's Gmail name and avatar so the team can quickly identify who is responsible for what at a glance.

  • Manage your Calendars – Streak's task feature synchronizes to a new Google Calendar. This helps you keep track when a task is due in a unified place with your other events.

  • View and manage the files in your Google Drive – Streak uses Google Drive to manage any files you add or upload to a box. Our view is only of the metadata (filetype, name of the file, the URL of the file in Google Drive) required to attach the file to a box.

  • Manage your contacts – Streak also allows you to link Streak Contacts to Google Contacts to avoid manual data duplication.

If, at any time, you'd like to revoke access to Streak you can do so from your Google Account settings

For more information, please also see our Privacy Policy.

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