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Connecting a form with Streak
Connecting a form with Streak

Using Google Forms, Wufoo, or Typeform to collect information? Send the answers directly to Streak.

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Streak connects with dozens of forms applications via Zapier. Integrating a form application with Streak can enable you to create Boxes automatically based on form responses that you receive or enrich existing data in Streak to match your use case.

Before connecting your form app, you'll need to make sure that you can access it from Zapier:

  1. Navigate to Zapier and select Connected Accounts from the navigational tabs.

  2. Click into the input form for Connect a new account... and type the name of your form app.

  3. Authenticate your form application's account with Zapier.

For some of our most common options and configurations, look below for guidance. If you don't see yours (or are running into any problems with the listed ones), just let us know! We're happy to help.

Google Forms

Connecting Streak with a Google Form requires a Google Sheet be utilized alongside the form you're looking to work with.

The Zap can be customized and configured in a number of different ways, but in its most basic form looks like this:

  1. Select Google Forms as your app 

  2. Choose New Response in Spreadsheet as your trigger

  3. Select your Spreadsheet and Worksheet

  4. Continue as necessary through Zapier's test steps

  5. Proceed to the Connecting with Streak section below.

After saving and turning on your Zap, your Google Forms' responses will synchronize from its associated spreadsheet directly into Streak based on a polling schedule established by Zapier and your plan level with them.


Typeform's integration is a bit simpler to implement than Google Forms up-front. After connecting it with Zapier you only need to:

  1. Select Typeform as your app

  2. Choose New Entry as your trigger

  3. Select the Form that you're looking to integrate into Streak

  4. Proceed to the Connecting with Streak section below. 

Connecting with Streak

Depending on the data you're receiving from the form response, your next steps might vary in complexity. The options below are basic examples that will help you get started with connecting your forms to Streak.

Add the response as a Box to an existing pipeline

  1. Select Streak as your app

  2. Choose Create New Box as your action

  3. Select a Pipeline and enter the specific question variable (e.g. Name) you want to use for Box Name from the first step (you can see all of these by clicking the button to the right of the input field)

  4. Continue as necessary through Zapier's test steps and select Finish.

Add the respondee as a contact

For a final touch, we recommend adding the respondee to the Box's contacts:

  1. Select Streak as your app again

  2. Choose Add Contact to Box as your action

  3. For Box Key, enter the box key from step 2. This will be a long string of text that looks like a unique ID (and not words).

  4. For Contact email, select an email address variable from step 1.

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