Streak is an extension installed at the browser level and relies on certain browser settings to ensure it works as designed. 

We want you to have a great experience in Streak, and ensuring that these settings match its expectations will help Streak operate at its best.

Use the most recent version of your browser

Be sure you're using the latest version of your respective browser (either Chrome 78 or Safari 13). If you're unsure of what browser you're using, you can check by going to the About page of the application. 

  • Chrome – From the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the browser, hover over Help at the bottom and select About Google Chrome.

  • Safari – From the menu bar item on Mac, select the first option under Safari: About Safari

We can only guarantee support and compatibility with the most recent versions of these browsers.

Enable third-party cookies for Streak

Streak uses browser cookies to help keep you logged into your account with us. Enabling them in your browser will ensure that Streak is able to run and keep you logged in.

Avoid extension conflicts

Other browser extensions, add-ons, or plugins that you have installed may affect the proper display and functioning of Streak.

As a best practice, we recommend avoiding extensions that provide similar functionality to Streak in Gmail as those extensions (and our extension) will likely be less functional as a result.

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