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Does Streak work with my other extensions? What is an extension conflict?

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Streak has been tested with many other Gmail extensions and runs alongside them just fine. 

There are exceptions to this: some extensions do not work when enabled at the same time as Streak. When Streak detects these extensions, we do our best to let you know which extensions are in conflict via an alert. 

If you receive an extension conflict alert, we suggest one of the following options for the best Streak user experience:

  1. Use a separate Chrome profile and install Streak in one and the incompatible extension in the other

  2. Disable the conflicting extension when using Streak

  3. Contact us to see if we know of any alternative extensions that don't conflict with Streak. 

What is an extension conflict?

Streak built into Gmail. If another extension you've installed is also built into Gmail, it can lead to the extensions "fighting" to work and may lead to layout and usage issues.

We do our best to keep track of which other extensions conflict with Streak. When we become aware of a conflict, we also try to work with other extension developers to improve our compatibility with their extensions. Based on both our and that developer's bandwidth, we might not be able to solve every incompatibility, though.

Inbox SDK

To help solve the issue of extension conflicts, we built Inbox SDK to enable other Chrome extension developers the ability to have their extensions work in Gmail (and alongside Streak) without any issues. 

Feel free to contact the other extension's support team and tell them about the Inbox SDK. We'd love to chat with them!

How do I test if an extension is in conflict?

Outside of our warnings, the fastest way to check the compatibility of one extension with Streak is to test compatibility in an Incognito window.

In Chrome

  1. Navigate to "chrome://extensions"

  2. Select the Details button in Streak's card and scroll down to turn on Allow in incognito

  3. Open an incognito tab

  4. Load Gmail with Streak.

In Safari

  1. From the menu bar item, select the third option under Safari: Preferences

  2. Select the Extensions tab from the window

  3. Uncheck/disable all extensions except Streak

  4. Load Gmail with Streak.

If the issue does not persist after following these directions, it's likely that there is an extension conflict. 

To determine which extension is incompatible, you might need to re-enable your extensions one-by-one to isolate the one causing the conflict.

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