Pipelines are where work finds definition in Streak. If your process isn't a perfect fit for our templates, you'll want to customize the pipeline to match your exact business and workflow.

Renaming a pipeline

You can rename a pipeline by opening the pipeline and clicking its existing title in the toolbar. Pressing Enter or clicking away will save the name change.

Adding and removing stages

Each pipeline has a set of stages that follow a linear path from left-to-right. A pipeline for your sales team may flow from Lead, to Demo, to Negotiate Deal, and lastly to Closed Won. There's more than one road to close a sale, though, and customizing the stage-flow is the first step in getting your pipeline in order.

You can access the stage manager from three entry-points:

  • The circular + button in the toolbar
  • The Stages option in the three-dot More Info toolbar option.
  • The gear icon when hovering over a specific stage

From the stage manager, you can do the following things:

  • Select a color theme for your pipeline. This theme is applied dynamically as you add and remove stages.
  • Add stages to your pipeline from the + ADD STAGE button at the bottom of the sidebar. 
  • Rename stages in your pipeline by clicking onto the text of the stage.
  • Adjust the individual stage color by hovering over a stage and selecting the pallete icon
  • Delete a stage by hovering over a stage and selecting the trash icon

Adding and removing columns

Pipelines, similar to spreadsheets, are made up of rows (boxes) and columns. Columns track the individual data-points that make up a box. Streak will provide you with a handful of columns to help get you started, but customizing those to match your process will help you and your team use Streak more effectively.

Streak columns are broadly made up of three column types:

  • Foundational columns – these are the basis of every pipeline and cannot be removed or renamed. Foundational columns are: Name, Stage, and Notes.
  • Custom columns – these are customizable columns. They can be modified and formatted to magic your exact needs in a pipeline.
  • Magic columns – these columns can be added and removed from a pipeline, but their data reflects insights about your box that Streak derives from the data you've added to it.

You can create a new column by hovering over the circular + button in the toolbar and selecting Column, or by right-clicking on an existing column header and selecting Insert Column.

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