Customizing a Pipeline

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If your process isn't a perfect fit for our templates, you'll want to customize the pipeline to match your exact business and workflow.

Editing a Pipeline's Name

In the Pipeline, click on its title in the toolbar to edit the Name.

Adding and Removing Stages

Each pipeline has a set of stages that follow a linear path from left-to-right. A pipeline for your sales team may flow from Lead, to Demo, to Negotiate Deal, and lastly to Closed Won. There's more than one road to close a sale, though, and customizing  stages is the first step in getting your pipeline in order.

From the stage manager, you can:

  • Select a color theme for your pipeline. This theme is applied dynamically as you add and remove stages. You can also individually recolor certain stages. 

  • Add stages to your pipeline from the button at the bottom.

  • Rename stages in your pipeline by clicking onto the text of the stage.

  • Adjust the individual stage color by hovering over a stage and selecting the palette icon. 

  • Delete a stage by hovering over a stage and selecting the trash icon. 


Adding and Removing Columns

Pipelines, similar to spreadsheets, are made up of rows (boxes) and columns. Streak's templates provide you with a few columns to help get you started, but customizing those to match your process will help you and your team use Streak more effectively.

You can create a new column by hovering over the circular + button in the toolbar and selecting Column, or by right-clicking on an existing column header and selecting Insert Column.

Learn more about adding and deleting columns here

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