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Create tasks to manage your follow-up and to-do list in Streak

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Tasks allow you to break down your Boxes into actionable activities that can be assigned to more than one user, tagged with a due date, and even synced with your Google Calendar.

For example, if you're using Streak to manage deals in your Pipeline, you can assign Tasks to individual users on the Legal team to help progress the deal onto the next stage. Tasks can even be used to keep track of your own to-do list so you'll never forget what needs to be completed.

To Create A Task For A Box

  1. Scroll to the contents section of your Box

  2. Start typing the text of the details for your new Task

  3. Click the checkbox Task icon to save as a new Task

  4. Your Task will automatically be assigned to you, but you can select to re-assign the Task to another user shared on the pipeline or even add due date!

Where can I find my Tasks?

Streak Upcoming is a central location to see your Tasks as well as an interactive feature to complete your follow ups.

A Box's list of Tasks can also be found in the Box's detail view. The Box's timeline will keep record of your Box's Tasks listed in chronological order of creation:

Tasks can also be accessed from the side bar of your boxed emails! Once an email is Boxed, you can find the Streak Upcoming section on the right hand sidebar:

Information about your Box's Tasks can be extracted from the Box level and added to your Pipeline with a few of our Tasks Magic Columns, such as Task Count and Date of Next Due Task. Read more about using our Task Magic Columns to help keep track of your Tasks here.

To Complete Or Delete A Task

  1. Click on the Task in your Box to open the Tasks popup menu or open the Streak Upcoming master task list

  2. Select the check mark next to the Task to complete the Task

  3. Delete the text of the Task to delete the Task 

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