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Multiple deals for one company/customer
Multiple deals for one company/customer

Best practices for tracking multiple deals with the same people

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We recommend having one box per deal with a company/customer. A box should be called ABC Company for a company of the same name.

Instead of updating the box for the first deal, we recommend creating a new box for every order a company/customer makes to properly reflect the dates and numbers you're tracking.

Suffixes like ABC Company - Q2 Expansion and ABC Company - Executive Team help keep deals unique and discoverable in your pipeline.

Copying data between boxes

Deals with the same company/customer will have some overlap. To speed up the data entry portion of deal entry, you can copy the cell data from your first box into your new one. 

  1. From your pipeline, find your first deal with the company

  2. Hold Shift and highlight the row

  3. Press Control/⌘+C to copy the data from that row

  4. Find your new deal with this company and press Control/⌘+V to paste the data

After data has been copied over, we recommend linking the new box to your previous one. This allows anyone with access to both boxes to see that the deals are related.

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