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Connecting Hangouts Chat to your pipelines
Connecting Hangouts Chat to your pipelines

Integrate Google's enterprise chat solution with Streak to create a single source of truth for your team

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If you haven't used Hangouts Chat yet, you'll need to create an account through Google's landing page. Hangouts Chat requires you have a G Suite account at this time.

Add Streak to your room

The Streak integration is built directly into Hangouts Chat, which makes installation a cinch. Getting started is as simple as sending @Streak in any room. The bot will add itself and walk you through steps to utilize it.

The Streak Bot can respond to the following keywords:

  • search – Searches for boxes in all of your Streak pipelines

  • notifications on [pipeline name] – Turn on notifications for a particular pipeline

  • notifications – Notifications from pipeline changes can be shown in this room. Use this command to turn this on, off, or see whats already being sent to this room

  • add to box – Adds the current conversation to the box you specify.

These keywords and actions will help you and your team maintain a single source of truth across both Chat and Streak.

Searching with the Streak Bot

Our Bot makes referencing and finding a specific box in a conversation easy. Just by typing @Streak search [search term] you can find a piece of useful information that you've stored in a pipeline or the stage of a specific box. 

Setting up notifications

You can set up notifications in any room by mentioning @Streak notifications. Notifications can be sent for whenever a box changes stage, when new boxes are created, a new meeting/call log has been added, or when tasks are coming due.

We love this keyword for its ability to help us keep track and celebrate our victories in certain pipelines. You can add pipelines by sending @Streak notifications on [pipeline name].

If you're looking to set up room notifications for when a big deal reaches close, you can customize notifications to only be sent when a box enters a new stage like Closed - Won (for sales) or Hired (for application tracking).

Adding a conversation to a box

The Bot is also capable of adding individual conversations from Hangouts Chat into a box. This lets you capture useful data that might have only appeared over Chat in the box. Adding a Conversation is as simple as mentioning @Streak add to box [box name].

Critical decisions can often come out of Chat discussions, and this feature lets you make sure they're never lost in the noise of a busy room.

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