How does Sales use Streak? (Pt. 2)

A day in the life of Sales with Streak (part two)

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Early afternoon - Attending to new email (and potential leads!)  

With new inbound leads, I want to create a new Box for them. After reading the email, I click on the Add-to-box button to my Sales Pipeline, and name the Box appropriately (it's usually their company / team name).

Once the email is added to a Box (either an existing one or a newly created one), the Streak Sidebar appears. I add in as much detail I can about this lead / opportunity (priority, size, location, interested in, source, etc...), right here from the sidebar. 

If it's an existing lead, for example if my team has previously reached out to them, then adding it to an existing Box would open an already populated sidebar, and gives me all the context I need about this lead! 

If I have more information to add to the Box, I click into it. Here in the Box view, I can add in comments and meeting notes, notify teammates, add files, and even create tasks. 

I decide to add a task -syncing with Aubrey tomorrow. This creates a task in my Streak Upcoming, and in Aubrey's as well.  She'll get an immediate email notification about this. 

This box is reflected in our larger team Pipeline, which gives a higher-level overview of all the Boxes in a spreadsheet view. 

Next up, addressing new leads assigned to me in a super-efficient (and effective) way!

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