How does Sales use Streak? (Pt. 3)

A day in the life of Sales with Streak (part three)

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Late afternoon: Reaching out to new leads

By late afternoon, I'd like to send a quick note to all my assigned leads to keep them warm. I click on one of my Saved Views titled "Assigned to me, today". As the title suggests, these are boxes in the pipeline that are assigned to me, today; I should reach out to them. 

I use Streak Mail Merge to send a customized mass message. First I click on the leads I want to email, and select Mail Merge.

This opens up the Mail Merge compose window. I use Snippets to insert a template outreach message, and modify the variables in order to make sure it is personalized. In this case, the variables are "First Name", "Interested In" and "Industry", which are drawn from data in your Pipeline columns

... and I'm done! 

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