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Accessing a pipeline's newsfeed
Accessing a pipeline's newsfeed

Keep track of all changes in a pipeline

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The pipeline newsfeed is where changes within a pipeline are tracked and logged in Streak. At any given time, you can view the last 50 changes made to a pipeline within the pipeline view. If you'd like to view the entire history of the pipeline since it was created, you can export the entire newsfeed to a CSV file. 

These changes can vary in detail: from the creation or deletion of a column in the pipeline to the addition of details to an individual box.

Opening the newsfeed inside the pipeline view

The newsfeed can be accessed from the pipeline's toolbar, under the more options button. Once opened, the newsfeed is split into two categories:

  • All

  • Important

When looking at the All option, you'll see every change made to individual boxes (e.g. multiple entries per box, regardless of importance). The Important option pars that down to a single entry per box:

Exporting the entire newsfeed

Streak also gives you the option export the newsfeed of a pipeline to a CSV file. This export allows you to peer beyond the previous fifty changes and see the complete history of your pipeline from the date of creation.

You can export the pipeline via the Export menu option in the pipeline toolbar's overflow:

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