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We often refer to emails in our chat or text conversations, but to reference the actual email is a chore. Streak Share lets you create a unique link for any email thread, which you can then share at your sole discretion. You, and only you, are provided with this unique, shareable link. 

Simply click on the 'Get Link' button at the bottom of any email to create a Streak Share link. 


Share emails without forwarding

Instead of forwarding emails or taking multiple screenshots of emails, you can create and share a Streak Share link instead. Use it in your chat channels like Slack, in text messaging, or even in your documents such as Google Docs, Trello and Asana!  

This becomes especially useful when you don't want to type out a long list of email addresses to forward to, and then have the recipients check their inbox. Keep the conversation where it belongs!

Live emails

We spend an exhausting amount of time trying to keep someone else informed of an ongoing email thread. It could be to keep a sales manager updated on the latest big negotiation, or real-estate agents keeping their clients informed of contractor conversations, or even a roommate keeping her house looped in on the latest landlord exchanges. 

That means repeatedly forwarding emails, PDF-ing and attaching emails, and even copying-and-pasting content to share with others - laborious tasks prone to mistakes. 

With Streak Share, you have a live link that is always updated with your selected email thread, allowing anyone you choose to stay in the loop, whenever and however they want to. 


Revoke at any time

Don’t need to share an email thread anymore? Simply toggle it off. The link immediately expires and will no longer display the thread.

Because Streak is a layer on top of Gmail, email threads shared with Streak Share are still stored directly inside of your Gmail/G Suite account. Streak Share is showing the email thread from your email account via the Gmail API.

If the email thread is permanently deleted inside of your Gmail/G Suite account (i.e. deleted from Inbox and cleared from Trash) you will no longer be able to view the thread via the Streak Share link. 

If you completely revoke access to the Streak extension's authentication to your email account, the email thread will no longer be visible via Streak Share as your Streak account would no longer be connected via the Gmail API.


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