We often want to refer to emails and share them to keep others updated, but managing that can be a chore. Streak Share lets you create a unique live link for any email thread, letting you effectively organize and collaborate around your emails. You, and only you, are provided with this unique, shareable link. 


Keep others in the loop 

Users spend an exhausting amount of time and effort trying to keep someone else informed of an ongoing email thread. It could be account executives keeping their managers updated on the latest big deal negotiations, real-estate agents keeping their clients informed of contractor conversations, or even a roommate keeping her house looped in on the latest landlord exchanges. 

That means repeatedly forwarding emails, PDF-ing and attaching emails, and even copying-and-pasting content to share with others - laborious tasks prone to mistakes. 

With Streak Share, you have a live link that is always updated with your selected email thread, allowing anyone you choose to stay in the loop, whenever and however they want to. 


Organize your email

Streak Share enables you to easily organize and reference your emails. You can use the unique link in chat messages, emails and even in Google Docs.

Remember, the Streak Share link is unique and shown only to you. It is not publicly discoverable, and at your discretion who you share it with. 

Don’t need to share an email thread anymore? Simply toggle it off, and that link expires and no longer displays your thread.

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