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Is it possible to merge boxes?
Is it possible to merge boxes?

We do not yet have the ability to merge boxes

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If you have two boxes that you are looking to combine, we suggest one of the below alternatives.

Copying data between boxes 

If you are looking to consolidate two (or more) boxes together, you can copy box data with Streak's batch copy/paste functionality

This allows you to copy multiple cells at a time from your pipeline view and then paste them into your primary box to move the custom column data over.

You will still need to copy and paste the contents of your box (call logs, meeting notes, tasks, comments) and then re-associate your email threads to the primary box before deleting the duplicate, but this is the quickest way to get custom column data merged over.

Linking Boxes

If you would like to preserve the timestamps and historical data of your duplicate box, link your two boxes together instead. 

Linking boxes will allow you to move back and forth between relevant boxes easily, but will not sync information from one box to another.

Interested in this feature? Let us know!

Start a chat with us and let us know how'd you use it! Our product is constantly evolving and we take direction from our users seriously.

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