Moving boxes between pipelines is super helpful if you have more than one pipeline to manage the same customer. With the ability to move boxes, you can start a customer in a sales pipeline, and once you close the deal, you can move the customer to an accounts pipeline.

Move a box or many boxes to a new pipeline.

First, open the pipeline view and select the boxes you'd like to move. Then, in the pipeline toolbar located above the stages, click on the three dots to the right. Last, select 'Move boxes' and the name of the pipeline you'd like to move the boxes to.

This action will move the box and any emails, comments, files, reminders, and newsfeed items inside the box.

As a friendly reminder, you'll want to ensure the Stage names and Column names are identical (i.e., spelling, casing, etc.) in both Pipeline A & B, or else you're at risk of losing data and or/ moving the boxes to an incorrect stage. If the Stage and Column names are identical in both pipelines, everything will get moved over just fine.

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