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Referral Program

Increase your Streak limits by referring your friends

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Our referral program allows you to increase your Streak limits by referring your friends. For every new user who installs Streak using your unique referral link, both you and your friend will get an additional 100 boxes and 20 mail merge messages per day.

To get your unique referral link:

1) Click the Streak icon in Gmail's top bar

2) Click the Refer a Friend link to see your unique link

Your limit will be maxed out at 5000 boxes and 800 mail merge emails per day (including what you get on the free plan).

Note: If you're currently on a trial or paid plan, you can still accumulate additional boxes and mail merges, but they won't apply until you downgrade to the free plan.

How to see your box and mail merge limits

To see your current box and mail merge limits, click on the Streak icon in Gmail's top bar, then select Manage Billing and Teams.

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