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Create a mail merge using a CSV file
Create a mail merge using a CSV file

Upload a CSV file to add recipients to your mail merge

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Our Mail Merge tool allows you to send personalized mass emails and schedule follow-up to get more replies from your contacts.

Add recipients from your CSV file

You can send a mail merge by uploading a .CSV file of recipients and their personal details.

Sample CSV file for mail merge

Make sure your CSV file has:

  • A header row describing what's in each column

  • A column for your recipients' email addresses

  • A column for recipients' names (optional, but highly recommended!)

  • Columns for any other details you want to use as variables in your mail merge

Upload a .CSV file for a mail merge:

  1. Open a new email compose window. You can do this in 3 places:

    1. the Gmail compose button

    2. the '+ New Merge' button next to Merges in the left-hand navigation menu

    3. the blue plus '+' button in the top right corner under the My Mail Merges list

  2. Click Mail Merge next to the CC and BCC options.

  3. Choose Upload CSV and select a file.

Want to learn more about composing your mail merge, adding variables, and scheduling follow-ups? Read our Mail merge article.

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