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FAQ - Native Integrations and Automations

Common questions when using Streak integrations and automations

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Native integrations and automations allow you to connect Streak directly with third party apps and automate your pipelines and workflows.

The below information can help answer many frequently asked questions and resolve issues. Let us know if you have other questions by using the chat option in the bottom-right corner!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a native integration or automation different from those available through Zapier?

When an integration or automation is "native," it means you don't have to use a third party tool to set it up - you can do it right inside Streak!

This allows you to connect Streak directly with apps like Calendly and Typeform – and automate with a simple tool inside Streak.

How do I access integrations and automations?

From your pipeline view, click the three dot menu and select “Integrations and Automation.”

Which apps are supported with Streak's native integrations?

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How do I create an automation?

Once you decide which integration or automation you’d like to use, the next step is to add your triggers and actions to create your automation.

"Trigger" - A condition that “triggers" the automation to start once met. For example, when a lead fills out a form in Typeform, that will trigger the automation.

"Action" - The part of an automation that occurs when the trigger is set off. In the Typeform example, the "action" is having that form data passed to Streak to create a new box for them and add their form responses to the box.

1. Add trigger step: "when__happens"

2. Add action step: "then do___"

3. Click “Create”

4. Check the status of your automation

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How do I split a full name response into separate first and last name columns?

If your Typeform asks for a full name and you'd like to split the response into a first and last name to create a contact, you'll need these formulas:

Split first name: {{typeform.q1.split(" ")[0]}}
Split last name: {{typeform.q1.split(" ")[1]}}

Note: "q1" will be whichever question number you have in your Typeform or Calendly that asks for a full name - if it's the 2nd question in your form you'll want to use "q2" in your formula.

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What actions can I automate in Streak?

Users can create the following automations:

  • Create a box

  • Add contact to box

  • Add comment to box

  • Add task to box

  • Add recipient to mail merge

Where can I see the status of my automation?

1. Click into “Integrations and Automations” from your pipeline.

2. Navigate to the “Mine” tab - this is where all your creations will be listed.

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Automation Statuses:


the automation is live and running each time the trigger is performed


the user has paused the automation and it will not run


the automation failed to perform the action once the trigger was triggered. If you click on a ‘failed’ automation, you can view error log information about why it failed


the user used a filter which allows a user to specify that they only want

the automation to run when certain conditions are met

Can other team members edit my automations?

A user’s pipeline role will dictate their integration/automation permissions. Here’s a breakdown of those permissions:

1. Automation Creator - Can view, edit and pause/resume their automations and view their logs

2. Pipeline Admin - Can view active automations and their logs; pause/resume workflows

3. Pipeline Member - Can only view automations

4. Pipeline Guest - Zero access - Cannot view or edit automations

Where can I find the run history of a specific automation?

1. Find your specific automation under the “Mine” tab.

2. Click the three gray vertical dots and choose “Show Logs” to view all executed runs.

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Can I custom build my own integrations and automations?

Yes! You can design and launch your own builds using our API.

Will more integrations and automations be made available?

We’ll be continuing to add integrations and automations to Streak, so let us know what you’d like to see next! You can reach us through chat or email at

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