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Customize your flows to calculate values using formulas
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Adding a formula to your automation

Similar to formula columns on your Streak pipelines, you can also add formulas to calculate values within the action steps of your automation.

Formulas use JavaScript to reference a datapoint in your automation - like a response in a Typeform or the date of a scheduled event. You can then write a formula to perform a mathematical operation or manipulate the data in your action steps.

Check out some common JavaScript formulas and learn more in the related article.

Streak Formulas

Referencing another column


Replace the ‘ColumnName’ with the name of the column without any spaces. You can only reference the columns available when you click on the “Show more...” button from the trigger step.

Adding a due date based on another date

# days before {{boxStageChanged.ColumnName}}

# days after {{boxStageChanged.ColumnName}}

# weeks before {{boxStageChanged.ColumnName}}

# weeks after {{boxStageChanged.ColumnName}}

Randomly assign a team member to a box or task

{{ (function(){var emails = ["","",""]; var i = Math.floor(Math.random() * emails.length); return emails[i]; })() }}

Replace the emails (,, and with your team member's email addresses for boxes or tasks to be randomly assigned.

Typeform Formulas

Referencing a Typeform question


Replace “q1” with the corresponding question number. For example, question #2 in your Typeform would be “q2”.

Combining two Typeform questions

{{typeform.q1}} {{typeform.q2}}

Combining two Typeform questions with additional text

insert text {{typeform.q4}} insert text {{typeform.q1}}

Separate first and last names to create a contact

{{typeform.q1.split(" ")[0]}}

If your Typeform asks for a customer's name, they typically provide their full name in one answer field. You'll want to split this out as their first name and last name to create a contact.

The above formula splits the words and selects only the first word in the response. Make sure you reference the appropriate question - in this case it's q1. You'll typically use this formula in the "Given name" field of an Add contact step:

To select the second word (typically the last name), change the [0] to [1] in the Family name field:

Calendly Formulas

Referencing information from a Calendly booking














Splitting the first and last name

{{calendly.inviteeName.split(" ")[0]}}
-- returns the first name

{{calendly.inviteeName.split(" ")[1]}}
-- returns the last name

Conditional Flows

Looking to add a conditional formula to your action step? You can add a “Should run?” option to your action step by clicking on the “Show more..” button.

Screen Recording 2022-12-22 at 03.44.46 PM

The example above only runs the task step when question #4 of the Typeform has a value. If no value is provided from that question, the task will not be created.

Only run the action step when any value is available

{{typeform.q1 > ""}}

{{boxStageChanged.ColumnName > ""}}

-- returns "true" if any value is provided or returns "false" if no value is provided

Only run the action step when a specific value is available

{{typeform.q1 == "Text"}}

{{boxStageChanged.ColumnName == "Text"}}

-- returns "true" if the value "Text" is provided or returns "false" if the value doesn't match

Need a custom formula?

Feel free to reach out to us at or start a chat using the Streak help button at the bottom right corner of this page and we'll be happy to help.

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