Native Google Forms integration

Connect Streak with Google Forms and automate your workflow when somebody submits a new form.

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Google Forms is a free feature of your Google account. It allows you to create forms to capture leads, send surveys, gather feedback, and more. Since it’s a Google product, many Gmail users find the UI simple and intuitive, making it easy and quick to create and start using Google Forms.

Our Google Forms integration allows you to create an automation when somebody fills out one of your forms.

For example, when a form is submitted, Streak can create a new box in your pipeline, add a contact, and send them a mail merge.

How do I integrate with Google Forms and create an automation in Streak?

Create and customize automations with the Google Forms automation template in just minutes.

1. Open Integrations & Automation panel

You can integrate with Google Forms create automations in the Integrations & Automation sidebar in Streak.

To open the Integrations & Automation sidebar:

  1. Go to the pipeline you want to automate

  2. Click the three-dot menu at the top right of your pipeline

  3. Select the Integrations & Automation menu option

2. Choose the Google Forms integration template

In the Integrations & Automation menu, click on the “Capture from forms” option to find Google Forms integration and automation templates.

In this section, choose the “Capture from Google Forms submissions” option.

3. Set up your trigger step

The trigger step determines when your automation will run and what data will be available to use in the automation.

For example, every time somebody fills out your “Customer satisfaction survey” Form, your automation will run.

To set up your trigger step, you’ll need to create a Google Form or pick an existing one to use.

  1. Click “+ Create a new Form” if you don’t have existing Google Forms and follow the prompts in the pop-up window to create a Google Form.

  2. Otherwise, open the “Pick a form” menu to use one of your existing forms in your Streak automation.

Once you’ve picked a form, you can use the arrows, <>, to view sample data that will be passed along from Google Forms and available to use in your action steps.

4. Set up your action steps

The action steps are what happen when your automation runs.

We have templates available for the most common actions. You can customize templates by adding and removing action steps as needed.

To set up your action steps:

  1. Double click in the right-hand column to specify the data that should be entered in each action step. You can choose dynamic data from previous steps in each option.

  2. If you type text into a field in the right-hand column, that text will be added every time the automation runs. For example, if you type “From Google Forms” in the notes section of a box, that text will be added as a note to every box created from this automation.

  3. Click “Show more…” to add more pipeline columns to the action step.

  4. Click the “+ Add step” button at the bottom of the automation panel to add action steps.

To remove action steps, hover over the name of the existing action step and click the three-dot menu that appears to the right of the name. Click “remove step”.

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