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Create a button to start a Streak integration or automation directly from your pipeline

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What is a Streak button?

A Streak button is another way to trigger a Streak automation directly from a box or pipeline. You can add a button to open a website URL, create a task, add box contacts to a mail merge, and much more.

Buttons appear in the box view, in the box sidebar, and even as a column in the pipeline view if you wish. When the button is clicked, the automation flow will begin. Any actions currently available within the Integrations menu can be triggered by a Streak button.

How to add a button

From the pipeline view

Click on the dropdown arrow from any column and select Insert new column -> Buttons:

This will take you to the Integrations & Automation menu to customize your button.

From the Integrations & Automation menu

  1. Click on the 3-dot menu from the pipeline to open the Integrations & Automation page

  2. Select Create native integrations from scratch

3. Click on the Add trigger dropdown button to select Utilities -> Button pressed

4. You will need to add an action step from the Add step button to specify what action will take place when you press the button.

5. Click Create to save the automation and add the button to your pipeline.

Customizing your button

The button can be customized with the following:

  • Button text - This is the name of the button that will appear on your boxes and buttons column.

  • Help description - Add a custom description to remind you or your team members what this button will do. This will show up as a tooltip when your team hovers over a button.

  • Show confirmation - Enter true in this field for a confirmation message to appear each time the button is clicked or false for the button to trigger immediately. Useful if the button performs irreversible actions and you want to make sure the user didn’t accidentally press it.

  • Confirmation message - Click on the Show more… option to add your desired confirmation message if it’s enabled.

Adding the button to your pipeline

When a button is created, it will be available to use from the box view under the Actions button section.

To add the button to the pipeline view, click on the dropdown arrow from any pipeline column to insert the Buttons column.

Using the button in bulk

Similar to moving multiple boxes to a different stage, you can also select multiple boxes in your pipeline to press the button for every box.

The flow will automatically run for all of the selected boxes once you click on the button. Please keep in mind that a confirmation message will only appear if you’ve entered true in the Show confirmation field of the automation flow.

List of button actions available

  • Create a box: Create or update a box within a specific Streak pipeline

  • Add contact to a box: Add a contact to a box or create a new one

  • Add comment to box: Create a comment in the box every time the trigger occurs

  • Add task to box: Create a task in the box

  • Add call log to box: Create a call log within the box

  • Add meeting note to box: Create a meeting note within a box

  • Add recipient to mail merge: Add the contact to a mail merge

  • Add box contacts to mail merge: Add the contacts in a box to a mail merge

  • Pause recipient in mail merge: Pause the mail merge for an individual recipient

  • Change box stage: Update the stage of an existing box

  • Update box: Update fields of an existing box

  • Add Gmail thread to box: Add a Gmail thread to a box

  • Send snippet: Send a snippet to a set of recipients

  • Send message to Slack: Posts a message to any public channel

  • Open link: Opens any URL in a new tab

  • Outbound webhook: Request a webhook

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