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Native dialer using Google Voice

Connect Streak with Google Voice to dial directly from a Streak contact

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What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a dialer service provided by Google. It simplifies calls by offering features such as virtual numbers, messaging, and voicemail transcription. It's a versatile tool for both personal and business use to streamline your phone interactions.

How to connect Streak with Google Voice

Setting up Google Voice

  1. Navigate to Google Voice and sign in to your account (this should be the same account you use with Streak).

  2. If you’re on the website for the first time, you can enable notifications by clicking on the Allow button. You can also configure this anytime by clicking on the lock icon.

3. To set Google Voice as your default dialer for Chrome, click on the Register now button. If the banner doesn't appear for you, click on this link to force the banner to appear.

4. Another pop-up will appear at the top left of the window. Click on the Allow button.

5. Double-check that Google Voice is set as the default at chrome://settings/handlers (this can be pasted directly in your browser as a URL). If it’s not set as the default under the tel section, you can click on the 3-dot menu to make it the default.

Setting up the native dialer on your desktop

For Mac

  1. Open the FaceTime app and navigate to the settings page by clicking on FaceTime -> Settings or use the command ⌘ , (cmd + ,)

  2. At the bottom of the settings page, make sure Default for calls has Google Chrome selected

For Windows

  1. From Streak, navigate to a contact card and click on the Phone icon -> Start call -> Native Dialer

  2. Click on Open Pick an app when the pop-up window appears

3. Select Google Chrome from the new menu and click OK

Dialing from Streak to Google Voice

Once you have Google Voice and your native dialer setup, you can begin dialing:

  1. From Streak, click on a contact to open the contact card

  2. Click on the Phone icon -> Start call -> Native Dialer

3. Another tab will open and you can dial the phone number directly from Google Voice.

4. A call log will automatically be created so you can navigate back to Streak to make notes and/or end the call duration.

Setting Google Voice as the default dialer in Streak

To set Google Voice as your default dialer within Streak, navigate back to the Gmail tab when you click on Native Dialer and select Make Default from the pop-up at the bottom left.

After it’s set as a default in Streak, you will only need to click on the phone icon to open Google Voice.

You can remove Google Voice as the default by following the same steps to set it as a default.

If you’re encountering any issues with setting up Google Voice or your native dialer, please reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to help.

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