Return types

We support a number of different return types:

  • Numbers (floats and integers are both supported)
    = 1 
  • Strings
    = 'Hello world!' 
  • Dates
    = new Date (2014,1,28)
  • Boolean
    = true 
  • Array (only arrays of primitive types are allowed, and all elements of the array must be of the same primitive type)
    = [1,1,2,3,5,8] 
  • Object (the values of the object can only be primitive types, and all values of the object must be of the same primitive type)
    = {'first': 10, 'second': 20} 
  • Basic Math
    = 1+1
    = 5*25
    = Math.pow(10, 10)

Unsupported functions

Streak's formula functionality is built on Rhino, which is lightly limited in its functionality. You'll find that most common ES5 functions will work, but there is a limit there, too: we do not support XHR or any HTTP requests from formula.

Because of the way formulas are computed, we also advise against using a function like, which will not update daily. 

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