Email tracking is one of Streak's most popular power tools. Like all email tracking tools, it is fallible and cannot be relied on as an absolute source of truth, but it can still help you understand how your recipients are receiving your messages.

It can help inform you on when and if you should follow-up on your outreach.

Turning email tracking on

If email tracking isn't on by default already, you'll need to enable tracking on an individual thread basis.

  1. Open a new message (the reply or compose windows)
  2. From the toolbar at the bottom, select the crossed-out tracking icon. Clicking the icon will toggle tracking on and off.

Configure notifications

You can configure your notifications for tracked emails from the Streak Settings page in Gmail's preference.

How to tell when a message is read

When opening an email you've tracked, you'll see information on its status in the right sidebar. A green eye in the email's header will also show you the total number of views when you hover over it.

The right sidebar will show you:

  • The total view count
  • A visual history of message views
  • Every time the message has been read, including location and device type if available.
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