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Cancelling your plan
Cancelling your plan
We're sad to see you go. 😢
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When cancelling your Streak subscription, your account will be immediately downgraded to the free version of Streak and you will immediately lose access to paid features. Your Pipelines and Boxes will not be deleted and you will still have access.

We understand that Streak isn't the perfect solution for everyone. If you return, we'll be happy to welcome you back with no additional reactivation or set-up necessary.

Before Cancelling

Because cancelling your Streak subscription is effective immediately, you may want to export your Pipelines first before cancelling. You may also want to send yourself a copy of any receipts.

Also, because cancellation is effective immediately you may want to wait until the end of your current billing cycle to process the cancellation. If you're unsure of when the end of your billing cycle is, please contact for assistance.

Cancelling your subscription

  1. Click the Streak icon in Gmail's top bar

  2. Select the Manage Billing and Teams option at the bottom of the sidebar

  3. Under Plan click the Cancel Paid Plan link

  4. You'll be asked two questions about why you're cancelling. We read all of the responses here and appreciate reading anything you'd like to share about your experience

  5. After confirming cancellation, your account will be immediately downgraded to our Free plan

What happens to my data after cancelling?

While paid features will no longer be available after cancellation, please note that you can keep the Streak extension installed to access the free plan for unlimited access to: 

  • Private pipelines and shared pipelines of less than 50 boxes

  • Our email power tools: Email Tracking, Mail Merge, Send Later, Snippets, and Thread Splitting

Canceling your plan does not delete any data.

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