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Personalize your mail merge with variables
Personalize your mail merge with variables

Make your emails more personal with variables

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Preview variables in your mail merge

Once you've added recipients to a mail merge, you can use variables to customize your message for each recipient. 

Add variables to your mail merge

The data in your pipelines, Streak contacts, or CSV import can be used as variables in your mail merge.

To add variables to your mail merge, click the Insert Variables button at the bottom of your mail merge draft. Choose variables from your Streak contact fields, pipeline columns, or CSV import.

Add text-embedded links as a variable

To add a text-embedded link, change the URL web address to the variable name in your mail merge. This will only work if you have a free-form column on your pipeline with the URL links.

For example, if your URL links are in a column called "URL" it might look something like this:

Preview variables in your mail merge

See what the personalized message looks like for each recipient by scrolling over recipients in the list on the right side of your mail merge.

Click the icon next to a recipient’s name to send yourself a preview of the exact message that person will receive. You’ll be able to see exactly how it will appear for them in your own inbox before sending the mail merge.

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