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Streak automatically captures data for you, like Date of Last Sent Email, Total Tracked Views, Days in Stage, or even Number of Tasks Due.

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Magic Columns are fields with data that Streak automatically records for you. When you add a Magic Column, every Box in that Pipeline will inherit that field. These fields will also then show up in your sidebar when viewing emails that have been added to the Pipeline. Magic Column data is system data that cannot be edited. If you remove a Magic Column you will not lose the data stored in it.

With Magic Columns, your Pipeline can be super organized. Filter, sort and group by the fields you have created. For example, you can filter, sort or group your pipeline by Assigned To, Date of Last Email, Total Tracked Views, Days in Stage or even Number of Tasks Due (e.g. show only deals that haven't been responded to in the last week, that are assigned to John and myself).  

(for data that you record yourself, like Deal Size, Location, Industry or any thing else you want to track, check out Custom Columns)

Adding Magic Columns

Create a new Column through the + button at the top right of the Pipeline, or right-clicking on any existing Column header and selecting Insert Column from the menu. 

Magic Column Options

Creation Data Columns - acts as a reference for who created a Box, how much time the Box has spent in the Pipeline and the Box's recent update activity. 

Freshness Column - an indicator of how long ago a Box was updated, relative to the other Boxes in your Pipeline.

Summary Column - the condensed form of email, file, comment, Task, Call Log, and Meeting Notes Count. Extremely helpful to see the Box's activity at a glance.

Email Data Columns - data is extracted from the emails that have been added to the Box to surface email correspondence dates, volume, and included email addresses. 

Email Tracking Columns - shows the total views and the date of last view on the most recently sent email in the box.

Stage Data Columns - provides information on which Boxes are progressing along the Pipeline.

Task Data Columns - surfaces details on a Box's Tasks such as Tasks counts, Task assignees, and Task due dates. 

Comments Count Column - an indicator of the number of Comments added to a Box from Team collaborators.

Contact Data Column - identifies the last contact type between Email, Call, or Meeting. 

Call Log / Meeting Note Data Column - surfaces details on a Box's Call Logs and Meeting Notes such as total count and duration.

Follower Count Column - the number of collaborators following the Box. Distinguishes projects multiple people are working on.

File Count Column - useful for finding files added to your Box.

ID Column - a unique ID generated for that particular Box. Useful for when you need automatic unique values to distinguish Boxes.

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