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Instead of creating individual pipelines for each person on your team, we recommend sharing a central pipeline with everybody. This will keep your team from duplicating work and lets everybody see who is working on what.

When sharing a pipeline, it defaults to sharing with your entire team. Team members are given the Editor permission, which allows them to:

  • View every box in the pipeline

  • Edit every box in the pipeline 

  • Add or modify columns in the pipeline (without the ability to delete).

You can customize this further, too, if you need to restrict or allow more permissions.

How to share

There are two ways to share a pipeline with your team:

  1. Choosing to share it from the point of creation on a new pipeline

  2. Navigating to the pipeline you'd like to share and clicking the Share button in the top-right corner to open the pipeline's sharing options.

If you would like to share the pipeline with your entire team, click the back button and adjust the Team Access setting.

Your team – both future and current members – will gain immediate access to the pipeline, including its boxes and associated contacts. 

Advanced settings

If you have a pipeline that only needs to be shared with a few members of your team, type their names in the search bar to edit their permission all at once.

In the example above, Harlow and Malone will be given the Editor role once you click on the invite button.

You can access and adjust the role associated with each member of your team through the search bar. Once they have a specific role set, they will appear on the sharing list with their corresponding role and you can make changes from the drop-down on the list:

You can also adjust your team-wide sharing defaults for new users added to your team. If you do not want to automatically share this pipeline with new members of your team, you can adjust the Team Access default to No Access and adjust roles individually from the drop-down on the sharing list.

Adding new members from the pipeline

If you're looking to add new team members directly from the pipeline, you can type their email addresses from the search bar to invite them to the team and pipeline.

Note: Please keep in mind that you need to be an Owner (see team roles) to add new members and a pro-rated invoice will be issued for new team members added.

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