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Pipeline access roles
Pipeline access roles

Assign different roles to different users to control your data

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Pipeline permissions allow you to assign different levels of access permissions (or roles) to different users on each individual pipeline. This means some users can edit boxes whereas other users may only have view access. This is helpful if you'd like only a small subset of your Team to have access to a specific pipeline.

Note: Pipeline permissions are separate from Team permissions

To change permission levels on an individual pipeline, open the pipeline view and select the share icon:

Pipeline Permissions

Streak has six pipeline user roles built in. These are:

  1. Admin – can change and add more admins, delete columns entirely, and delete the entire pipeline.

  2. Editor – can view every box in the pipeline, edit every box in the pipeline, create new boxes in it, and modify columns in the pipeline (but not delete entire columns). 

  3. Creator – can view every box in your pipeline, create new boxes, and edit only those boxes they are assigned to.

  4. Assignee – can view and edit only boxes they are assigned to.

  5. Viewer – can only view every box in your pipeline.

  6. Observer – can only view boxes they are assigned to.

In the free version of Streak, you are limited to Admin and Editor roles. The Pro and Pro+ plans unlock the remaining four roles, while our Enterprise plan allows you to create custom permissions. A complete comparison of versions can be found on our pricing page.

Limited access roles (3 through 6 above) have additional restrictions that should be considered before assigning the role to another user. They:

  • Cannot add, delete, or rename columns

  • Cannot change the format of a column

  • Cannot change dropdown or tag options within in a column

  • Cannot add, delete, or edit stages

  • Can only add or modify tasks, comments, meetings, and call logs on boxes they have permission to edit.

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