How does Sales use Streak? (Pt. 1)

A day in the life of Sales with Streak (part one)

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Morning: Attending to leads that need attention  

This is our Sales pipeline - it's nicely organized, but I want my day prioritized for me, attending to the most urgent ones first. 

The first thing I do is open my inbox. Streak's Show in Inbox feature shows which leads ("Boxes") are assigned to me but last emailed over 3 days ago, right at the top of my inbox. This is a priority this morning - I need to follow up with these folks.  

I click into the Box named "The Mirror Company" to get some background - there are files, meeting notes and comments by my team members from Support and Engineering, and emails. After scanning them, I now have all the context I need. 

I click on the "Emails" tab here to access the attached emails. I want to reply to an existing email thread instead of starting a new one.  

Clicking on the email, I use Streak Snippets to send one of my templated responses, making minor changes to make sure to capture information from the right Sidebar. This saves me a ton of time typing out the same email over and over again. 

After sending the email, I update the Stage to "Contacted". Sometimes I update some of the other information there as well, again right from the sidebar.  I can also check if the recipient has read my email through the Streak Email Tracking button. 

... and Voila! I'm done with this one, and have updated the workflow while at it. My team now knows that I've contacted the company, and they can even see my response. It's all updated!  

Once I've gone through all the Boxes that need attention, I attend to new incoming email. 

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