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Tie and link boxes together in many-to-many relationships

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If you're managing every part of a customer's journey in Streak, there's a good chance that your pipelines will have some overlap between customers. 

Your leads pipeline for Sales could funnel into an account management pipeline for Customer Success, and you may be tracking tickets for the same customer in a Support pipeline. 

These boxes can only live in a single pipeline at a time, but by using our linked boxes feature, you can tie them together regardless of their location.

Creating a link

You can create a link between two boxes from the Streak sidebar when viewing an email thread that has been added to a box, or from the box itself.

  1. Click the blue + button in the Streak sidebar

  2. Select Related items to navigate to the Linked Boxes input field

  3. Type the name of the box you'd like to link

  4. Select the box from the options menu

  1. Navigate to a box and find the Linked Boxes section. By default, this will be in the right column.

  2. Click on Add. This will let you search for the box you're intending to link to this one.

  3. Select a box from your search results. 

When you've linked a box, you can navigate to it from the box view, from related pipeline items in the box sidebar, or from the pipeline view.

You can also insert a magic column in your pipeline view that shows all the related pipeline items (or a subset of them). 

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