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How to tell when a tracked message is read
How to tell when a tracked message is read

Understanding the email tracking icons

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When opening an email you've tracked, we'll send you a notification (email or browser) and you'll see information on its status in Gmail. 

There are a few locations that you'll find information about your tracked messages:

  • The right sidebar

  • From your mailboxes

  • On individual messages

In each of these locations, we use an eye icon that will display differently based on the view status of your messages. 

  • An eye with a line through it – Your email hasn't been read

  • A gray eye – This email has been read, but it is not the most recent email in the thread

  • A green eye – This email has been read and is the most recent email in the thread

The right sidebar

When you're viewing an email with tracking enabled, we aggregate information about the whole thread's view history in the right sidebar. The icon for this is a green filled-in eye:

From your mailboxes

In any list of threads (e.g. Inbox, Sent), we showcase the view status inline along with when it was last viewed.

Hovering over one of these eye icons (possible if you turn off Hover Actions in Gmail!), you can also see the total number of views of messages in that thread.

On individual messages

Opening a thread will show you finer-grain information about the messages within it. There is information available at a glance, and even more available when you hover over the tracking eye icon.

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