Pipelines, similar to spreadsheets, are made up of rows (boxes) and columns. Streak's templates provide you with a few columns to help get you started, but customizing those to match your process will help you and your team use Streak more effectively.

How to add?

Create a new column through the {+} button at the top-right of your Pipeline, or by right-clicking on an existing column header and selecting Insert Column.

What kinds of Columns are there? 

There are broadly three column types:

  • Magic columns – these are fields with data that Streak automatically records for you. There are over 100 types that reflect insights about your box that Streak derives from the data you've added to it, such as "Date of Last Sent Email", "Days in Stage" or even "Number of Tasks Due" for each box.
  • Custom columns – these are "basic" fields that allow you to organize and record any kind of information you want. These could come in the form of text boxes, date fields, checkboxes, or even formula fields.
  • Foundational columns – these are the basis of every pipeline and cannot be removed or renamed. Foundational columns are: Name, Stage, and Notes.

Why have Columns? 

After you add a new column, these fields will also appear in the

  1. Sidebar when viewing emails that have been added to the Pipeline, and
  2. Each Box in that Pipeline 

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