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Why am I getting a “refused to connect” error on my importer tool?
Why am I getting a “refused to connect” error on my importer tool?

Troubleshooting the Streak Importer

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If you’re logged into multiple Gmail accounts or have other Chrome extensions installed on your browser, you may encounter an error message “ refused to connect” on the importer sidebar.

Here are some troubleshooting tips you can take to fix this issue:

Multiple Gmail Accounts

  1. Log out of all of your Gmail accounts.

  2. Clear your cookies and cache in Chrome by navigating to the following page in your browser: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData

  3. Log back into the Gmail account you use with Streak.

  4. Refresh your Google Sheet and try opening Streak’s importer tool again.

Extension Conflicts

If you’re not logged into multiple Gmail accounts, you might be experiencing an extension conflict with one of your other Chrome extensions.

You can test for these extension conflicts by opening Streak in an incognito window. More information on how to test for extension conflicts can be found in our other article here.

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